Security Surveillance




CSO secures community events each year throughout the country. These events can vary from large public rallies to local synagogue & community events. 

Event organizers are asked to contact the CSO with as much advance notice as possible and we can assess the need for security.

If you are organizing a Jewish community event and are unsure as to whether you need security, call the CSO office. Ask for our Event Organizer Checklist and together we can evaluate your event and security needs.



CSO offers advice and guidance regarding building security. We offer complimentary detailed security surveys and have a list of recommended vendors/equipment providers. These recommendations are based on vetting and professional conduct only. 



CSO offers a diverse range of security training for individuals and organisations throughout the Jewish community. You do not need to be a member of CSO to undertake such training. All CSO’s training courses are subsidized.

CSO training courses include:

  • Communal building staff,

  • Schools, Administrators

  • Rabbis

  • College Students

  • wide array of volunteer & paid security officer training.

Our award winning StreetSmart Program is offered at schools, synagogues and community centers.



An electronic security breach or "hacking attack" can cause detrimental damage to an organization or individuals. Additionally, stolen data can compromise the security of your site's membership body and allow someone wishing to carry out a criminal or terror attack.

The CSO offers guidance and materials to ensure that your IT infrastructure is created with secure protocols and updated as such.

Please contact us for further information.



The CSO is committed to security improvements to every Jewish site and location through the CSO Security Upgrade Program.
Funds for this project are entirely made up of donations from the community and go directly to security enhancements to sites.
The improvements are part of a larger multi faceted general security plan that encompasses physical and electronic security for each site.



CSO-ERT division of the CSO has a management plan, coordinated by CSO, to deal with any emergency, either locally or overseas, which affects the US Jewish community.
CSO-ERT provides support to the government, emergency services, and national and local authorities in the event of a major emergency.

In the event of an emergency today, CERT will:

  • Act as incident command for the community and liaise with Emergency Responders

  • Ensure emergency sites are secure

  • Coordinate search/rescue teams

  • Offer EMT medical response

CSO-ERT is co-ordinated by CSO and works hand in hand with a number of organizations including:

  • Chabad Chaplaincy

  • Hatzalah and Chesed Shel Emes

Contact CSO-ERT for more information



When hiring a vendor or contractor for general or security enhancements, there has to be a level of trust. The CSO vets vendors and ensures they are licensed, bonded and ensured and ask for at least 5 commercial references from similar organizations before approving them as a vendor. Our Contractor Hiring Guidelines takes you through the steps of making an informed choice when entrusting your security enhancements and safety to an outside source.

Please contact us for your Contractor Hiring Guide.